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Proper installation is the most important part of any toilet fixture and a fit that is even slightly less than perfect can lead to a whole lot of problems for you in the future. We take the time and care to fit everything together perfectly to make sure that you should never have to think about problems with the last thing in your house you would ever want to have a problem with.

With a range of the latest toilet designs, with more effective flushing, and water saving options too, Hartley Plumbing can help with the supply and the professional installation of all your new toilet.

Just some of the brands of toilets we can supply and install include Caroma, Fowler, Villeroy & Boch, Vitra, Johnson & Suisse, Raymor, Posh, Ideal Standard plus many more.

Toilet Repairs

Toilet problems can generally be put into a few different categories: blocked toilet, constantly running toilet, not flushing toilet and slow filling toilet.


  • Is your toilet slow to fill with water?
  • Do you have a loose or broken toilet seat?
  • Is your toilet leaking water into the toilet bowl?
  • Have you got a wobbly toilet bowl when you sit on it?
  • Is water leaking onto the floor when you flush the toilet?
  • Do you need a new toilet supplied and installed?
  • Does it sound like your toilet is still running long after you have flushed it?
  • Do you have a sticky toilet button that stays down when you flush the cistern?

From toilet leaks, running toilets that won’t stop, toilets that won’t flush or whatever you’re toilet issue… we can handle it!

We carry an extensive assortment of parts to repair and service most common makes and models of toilets. We also have an excellent supply of toilet suites and cisterns, means that in most cases we can fix your toilet ASAP!

Toilet Repair Services Include:

  • Slow drain or blockages in toilet
  • Faulty flush buttons
  • Water saving installation
  • Cracked or damaged toilets
  • Constant refill or overflow problems
  • Noisy pipes
  • Leaking toilets
  • Continuously running toilets
  • Toilet flushing mechanism that sticks
  • Convert your old toilet to a new water saving duel flush system
  • Service and repair cisterns
  • Disabled Toilets