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Brisbane residents shouldn’t have to put a stop to their daily lives when they’re faced with a blocked drain. Hartley Plumbing can clear any drain, no matter how damaged, using our high pressure water jetting solution.

What is high pressure water jetting?

This solution is an effective and economical way to clear out drains and pipes through a series of flexible hoses and pumps. By directing streams of water at different pressures along a pipe, we can create a powerful force to knock out any blockage, whether it’s caused by sand, sludge, grease or some debris.

Our professionals can use high pressure water jetting to handle any blockage, both severe and regular. We recommend that most homeowners and business owners consider getting their pipes serviced this way on a yearly or bimonthly basis, depending on how frequent such blockages occur in their drains and pipes. This would be sure to save you money in the long run and keep your overall plumbing flowing smoothly.

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