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GROUND ZERO DRAIN VISIONClosed Circuit Television (CCTV) plumbing camera.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

Ground Zero Drain Vision Camera is a special closed circuit television (CCTV) plumbing camera that can be put down your sewer or stormwater line to locate the cause of a blocked drain. This involves guiding the specialised CCTV drain camera down the line which enables us to view the drain.

We then use the locator to determine the exact position and depth of the drain and any points in the line with faults. After viewing the line with the CCTV drain camera we are then able to determine the condition of the drain and assess whether repairs or replacement are required. Such an inspection is recommended for reoccuring blockages. Problems with the line being inspected will show up on the video and this will show our master plumbers the best course of action to take to permanently prevent a blocked sewer or stormwater line reoccurring in the future.

Ground Zero Drain Vision Camera (CCTV) is sometimes necessary because simply clearing the blocked sewer or stormwater line does not reveal what caused the blockage in the first place. A high pressure water blaster or an electric eel will remove the immediate cause of a blockage, but these plumbing tools often only treat the symptoms and not the cause. There is no real way to tell what caused the blockage, and there is not certainty that the blockage will not occur again.

Without a Ground Zero Drain Vision Camera (CCTV) inspection it would not be possible to know what caused the blocked sewer or stormwater line or the real cause.

NOTE: The drain camera footage is recorded onto DVD which can either be kept by the client or at our office for future reference.